Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Are you in there little Peanut?

Aaah, I've left my little bloggy home alone for a little bit too long I'm afraid. Those of you who have me on a feedreader (incidentally, for those who dont, you should... it really is the best way to keep on top of blog updates) will be surprised to see the blog title pop out in bold!

So why the silence? Well some of you who hang out in the same places as me on Ravelry will already know the news, but for those of you not in the know, meet Peanut.

I am now 18 weeks pregnant and have had very, very little urge to pick up the knitting sticks since i found out hence the radio silence. According to the other lovely ladies on the Due November '11 group over on Rav, this is not abnormal. Nearly everyone has felt the need to down tools until at least the 2nd trimester, preferring instead to rest and concentrate on growing their tiny offspring. The good news is that this aversion to knitting shouldn't last. As I'm now officially in my fifth month, I'm expecting my mojo to kick in again any day now. Any day.

Future blog posts around the subject of babies and whatnot shall be filed under the tag "Peanut".


  1. Woohoo! I didn't know!!! CONGRATS!!! Counting down with you...

  2. @Snowcatcher
    Thanks! I only just caught your comment, for some reason it didn't get emailed through to me. xxx


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