Thursday, 21 July 2011

The First Baby Cardigan



I’ve started making baby clothes, but this one isn’t for my own Peanut. This one is for our friends Sarah and Dan who just had a baby girl, Erin. Sarah enjoys hand knit baby clothes and i couldn’t resist making something, knowing it would come in as handy practise for myself.


Pattern: Maille
Needle size: 3.75mm
Made from: some random baby acrylic 4ply
Techniques: bottom up raglan; lace
Finished with: Pearlised heart buttons and white satin ribbon


Before selecting the pattern, i wish I'd read a lot of peoples’ project notes on the sleeve to body joining. It was messy and i attempted to fudge it my own way a little bit, which sort of worked but left me without enough stitches in the raglan section (between the decreases) to attempt the lovely lace. In the end i accepted it and left the lace out anyway, figuring it would look less girly as we didn’t know the gender before the arrival. I also knitted the sleeves a little bit shorter (about 1 inch) than the pattern called for. This was lucky because it appears that Erin has short arms and they’ve been rolling up the sleeves on every hand knit cardigan they received so far!

Verdict: A nice finished piece, but not a pattern I’ll be knitting from again, due to the weird sleeve contruction.

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