Sunday, 6 March 2011

Love love affair continues...

The love affair with the self-striping yarn continues. I finished these gorgeous (and comfy) Regia Kaffe Fassett socks using the pattern in my head (60 stitches over 3 dpns, short row heel, traditional toe). Unfortunately for me these will be gifted i think.

And then i went and bought some Zauerball Crazy in Pumpkin. Can you see the orange theme emerging here? I'm not sure why, i just like it. Maybe it's a longing for sunshine thing.


  1. It must be a need for sunshine, I keep finding myself drawn towards orange and yellow things when they're not colours I'd usually wear.

    Your socks look great, such a great gift but I always want to keep all the socks for me! I'm such a selfish knitter and more so with socks than with anything else.

  2. Definitely a need for some sunshine, keep at it, spring is not too far off :)

  3. The Regia socks are beautiful, and I can't wait to see how the Zauerball turns out. I've been a little anxious to try it, but I can't decide on a color!

  4. I agree with everyone. The lovely cheerful colors are a need for sunshine. If I lived where it was dark all winter, I would probably be one of those people who go nuts!


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