Friday, 4 March 2011

Chocolate Cake Trials

There's not much better for a chocolate lover than the good old chocolate fudge cake. When on the hunt for an appropriate cake for my mam last weekend all i could think about was how to get hold of the chocolatiest, rich cake i could find. The shops disappointed me, so home-made was the way forward!

The Masterpiece

Made for: mam's 60th birthday.
Decorated with: White Milk chocolate writing, edible glitter, edible stars and dark and white chocolate hearts
The verdict: Extremely dense cake made with a very loose batter (warning: don't attempt this in a loose bottom tin). I was disappointed with the (non)rising power of this cake and ended up making an additional cake instead of dividing one cake in half horizontally. The chocolate fudge frosting is also very rich and not very kid friendly. I added some icing (confectioners) sugar and 50g of milk chocolate to make it lighter.

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  1. Looks very yummy, well done!

    I've been planning on making this recipe for some time too


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