Friday, 29 October 2010

Doom Thursday

Last night my faithful little car broke down about 3/4 of a mile from our flat.

I asked dearest husband if he wouldn't mind popping home to get me some knitting while i waited for the tow truck.

He laughed. I failed to see what was funny about it. He then refused.

Is that funny? Am i mad? It has made me decide that i should be carrying a project with me wherever i go for times such as that. This means i need to invest in a bag that is big enough to carry at least a ball of yarn and some needles around with me at all times. More research will go into this over the weekend.

The car is going into hospital tomorrow. Fingers crossed it won't be too expensive/hard to fix.
Doom Thursday strikes again.


  1. Ha ha! Yes, you are mad. In a totally correct way, but yes, no self-respecting husband would do other than laugh at that.
    I have one of those husbands. A lot of my time is spent indignantly sticking my lower lip out at him whilst he laughs at what I consider entirely normal things.
    Tsk. Men. Knitting. Stitching. They just don't get it.

  2. I hope he brought you the knitting, even though he laughed.

    I should have my hubby give your hubby some lessons...

  3. Sounds totally normal to me! I always carry yarn and needles in my handbag and make sure it's big enough to contain them for moments of knitting desperation!

    Good luck with the fund raising.

  4. I always carry "emergency knitting" in my car, so I think it's totally normal! I think yarn and needles should be included in any emergency kit...blanket, flash light, flares, and yarn. :-)

  5. That sounds a lot like my husband... Hmm, driving around a rickety old automobile like mine, I should probably pop an emrgency project in the glove compartment, too...


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