Thursday, 6 May 2010

Carnage carnage everywhere.

I've been shockingly rubbish with photographs recently. There's no excuse i know, but i just can't seem to get motivated to dig out the camera's usb lead and take the lens cap off. This lack of photography is especially disappointing because of all kinds of small tragedies that have happened recently.

I am setting myself a weekly challenge to bring you at least one disasterous event that has happened in my household that week. I shall call this Doom Thursday. Thursday seems like a good day for doom. It could be knitting related, it could be cooking related, it may just be that i've dropped a pot of teeeny tiiiiiny beads all over my carpet and had to spend 2 hours picking them all up so the cats don't eat them. It could be that Michael spilled a full glass of the stickiest squash known to man (Vimto) all over the carpet and i thought it would be a good idea to pour bicarb of soda all over it because i saw someone pour salt all over spilt liquid once and it soaked it all up and could be brushed/vacuumed away (for your info, using bicarb in this situation does NOT give the same result as salt). It could be any of these things.

For the past 4 days i have been working on my first ever sock. I picked a toe-up pattern. I don't know why. I was just being whimsical and different and rebellious against all those people who think dpns are a Good Thing. So i got to the heel. Knitted my first attempt at short rows, all was good using the no muss, no fuss short row heel method (except for the holes where i had made a hash of picking up stitches). I decided to keep the sock as an anklet mainly because i was bored of knitting stocking st in the round and bound it off in the only way i know how. It wasn't a stretchy bind off...

I couldn't get the sock over my heel.

I didn't cry. I frogged my binding and then found out that frogged 4 ply is almost impossible to get back onto needles. I still didn't cry. I went to put in an afterthought lifeline....where's my tapestry needle? Can't find it. Oh NOES!

I frogged the sock. Right back to the sodding start. By this time it was 10.30pm. I was tired and emotional. I shed a tear for the sock that never was and went to bed.

The end.

I wish i had a picture.

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  1. I wish you had a bunch of pictures! I can tell it's been a hard week, but this was a great read, and the pictures might have made someone somewhere burst out laughing.

    I don't know which is sadder... frogging a sock or a sock never returning from the washing machine...


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