Friday, 3 September 2010

International Threads

The thing about hanging out on international sites like Ravelry is that you get to hear about all the fantastic yarns of the world. You try some of these wonderful international yarns, for example Cascade 220, and you realise what all the fuss is about. This is compounded somewhat when you come across 5 knots in a ball of Rowan (by the way i found a knot in the second ball as well, 6 knots total).

So you're buying all this wonderful yarn and then...what happens when you find an amazing yarn that you just can't get at home, no matter how hard you scour the internet? Worse, a whole range of yarns and the only website who deals in it won't, not can't, won't ship to your country? Knit Picks range of yarn is one such example. But yay! I've found a UK supplier. A UK supplier of Knit Picks Yarn.

Thanks to Great British Yarns (the name is ironic considering Knit Picks is an American brand, please don't stop stocking it because of that) i am now the proud owner of 3 skeins of Gloss Sock in Midnight and 4 Skeins of Gloss Lace. Yesssssss. What's even better is that delivery has been SO quick both times i've ordered, i won't hesitate to go back for more.

So if you've ever hankered after a go of some Knit Picks yarn, now is your chance. Good on ya GBY!


  1. Hi, Liz. The needles in my picture are homemade ebony circular that my brilliant husband made for me out of old dpns that I never use anymore.

    I doubt that I am a genius, but thank you for the compliment :)

  2. I love KnitPicks yarn. I guess I just luck out though. Even though I'm international I'm on an Army post with an APO address. They still send to me :) I have to tell you though there are some amazing people on their community forum and if all else fails I guarantee that they would order and ship to you! They are the best!

  3. @suddenexpression
    I'm part of the community now on Ravelry just in case there's anything i want that's not on the GBY website :D

    New squishies make me so happy.

  4. If you ever can't get Knit Picks in something you want real bad give me a PM. I'll send it to you!

  5. @Joyce
    Thanks, that's very kind of you!

    I'm sure something on their website will catch my eye sooner or later ;)

  6. Thanks for the mention! Really pleased you like the yarn and our service. The irony of the name is not lost on us either........ (We will carry on stocking Knit Picks though)

  7. Knit Picks is fantastic! Glad you're able to enjoy it over there. :)


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