Monday, 23 August 2010

FO: Nutkin Socks

Pattern: Nutkin by Beth LaPensee
Yarn: Violet Green Socrates Supersock
Colourway: Kingfisher
Made for: Me

I finished these weeks ago, after we got home from holiday. The second sock was knitted on the long car journeys to and from Alton Towers theme park. The yarn is fantastic to work with and the colours are to die for, but unfortunately the variegated yarn just does not show the pattern. Consider it a lesson learned, variegated yarns are now for ribbed and plain sockies.

The pattern featured some firsts for me. It was my first turned cuff and my first proper short row toe that had to be grafted shut. It was also my first time knitting at a gauge that didn't leave the socks as stiff and (probably as bulletproof) as sheet steel.

As an aside here, i would like to share a word about my foot modeling. I have cankles and also my feet viewed from the sides are like weird wedges. From the top they are almost perfectly rectangular. I hate them. I imagine that this is what the witches feet from the Roald Dahl books look like. Except mine have toes. Really long finger-toes. I am also flat-footed. You might be getting the message that i really hate my ankles and feet. So don't get used to seeing my socks modelled in this way. Kay? Kay.

About the pattern. I really loved it knitting it, but the left leaning bias is really screwing with my love for the socks. The saving grace is that the pattern is obscured a bit by the variegated yarn, I am in like with the socks, not in love but let's face it, anything that covers these monstrous tootsies is well worth the effort.


  1. they're fantastic and that yarn is gorgeous, got to love Violet Green!

  2. @Northern Monkey
    I know, i am now a part of the Fans of Violet Green group on Rav :D

  3. I love yarn, too. Just beautiful.

    Love that you made them in the car, too, since I make most of my socks on public transportation...


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