Saturday, 14 August 2010

Never knit a knot

It has been said that the wise Elizabeth Zimmerman advises "never knit a knot".

Do you think she was thinking that after she found her 4th knot in a ball of Rowan Pure Wool dk?

Well i'll tell you something, i have found my 4th knot in about 25g of double knitting wool. 1 knot i can handle. 2? Mmmm, ok. But really, 4? In half a ball? Have i managed to get the scratty end-of-run ball somehow?

I would vent about this on Ravelry but seriously, people are sick of reading the "are knots acceptable?" posts so i won't go there. The cats don't understand and the hubster? Well i might as well be speaking in tongues. I'd better be careful about that because coupled with the stamping hissy fit i've just had, he might well be calling for an exorcist.


  1. I think you should go on an anti-knot demo in Trafalgar Square. That'll show 'em!
    And really, the cats? I'm sure they do understand, they just probably don't care, coz cats are a bit like that.
    x x x

  2. @Catherine
    Judging from the way they looked at me last night when i said "Look Bruno! Look Oscar! Another knot!" i really don't think they do understand.

  3. Wish there was a place to have an exorcism preformed on evil skeins of knotted yarn. I just made a ball of malabrigo that didn't have knots, but it was all stuck to itself. It took me forever to get it done. I felt like throwing it by the time it was bad I have another one to do :-( My sympathy!

  4. @Joyce
    Oh no! I return the sympathy. Do you like Malabrigo? I've just earmarked it for Bitterroot.

  5. @Liz of Wool Boutique

    I had heard such good things about it I couldn't wait till it arrived. Then I was so frustrated trying to get in in a lovely ball. After all was said and done it feels like velvet. I haven't knit with it yet, I'll let you know how that goes.

  6. Ooh! A knitting blog! Excellent, just in time for the Autumnal urge to get wooly.
    And can I say thanks for your recent sweet words over on Milkmoon. My Only Girl had a dream in which she got to give Ozzy one last cuddle, (Not getting to do so was the thing that upset her the most) and has turned a corner since. Still very sad though. C x

  7. @Ciara
    Glad to hear she's feeling better, nothing will ever replace a beloved pet :(

  8. 4 knots in a short amount of yarn is totally unacceptable, what about writing to Rowan to whinge and seeing if they send you anything?

    The circle socks on my blog are on Rav, they're called "circle socks" (very creative naming!) if you use the pattern search and it's a free pattern, my favourite sort!


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