Sunday, 27 June 2010

There are no words.

These socks.

These socks in the yarn that i hate. I got so close to finishing them. I was down to kitchenering the toe closed on the last sock. But that yarn. THAT YARN. The kitchener wasn't working out well because the yarn stuck to itself and wouldn't pull through. Then the stitches came off the needles which is bad news with THAT YARN because stitches are not only difficult to see but they are almost impossible to pick up. I have given up. I have ripped back hours of work. Hours of mentally and physically painful work that i am not willing to re-live. I have half-frogged the sock and i am putting it away somewhere where i won't have to look at it for a very long time.

I am starting something new tomorrow, something that i will enjoy knitting in lovely yarn. Something tells me that now is not the time to start winding a skein into a ball. One knot and i might just have a nervous breakdown.

I actually feel sick.


  1. Oh no, how rubbish. I hope that the knitting gods reward you with a pleasurable and mistake free knit for your next project.

  2. @Northern Monkey

    Thanks Monkey, me too. No one likes tear-stained socks ;)

  3. I hope your next knit goes much more smoothly. Knitting is supposed to be fun after all!

  4. @Seanna Lea

    I know! I just seem to have this masochistic streak that makes me want to finish things even if it hurts, ha.

  5. This sounds SO much like the second sock yarn I tried. I did finish, but I've sworn, no matter how much I adore the color, I'll never, ever use that yarn again. So I can so feel your emotions over this. I hope the new project (and yarn) picks you up and brightens your day and your outlook!

  6. @Snowcatcher
    Well i have learned my lesson. If after 3 inches of sock i am struggling i will be frogging and not pushing myself. What a waste of 3 weeks :(

    It's all good now though, i started something new ;) Shhh.


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