Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I'm jetting off to Germany for three days tonight with work. I can't imagine there'll be much time for knitting, in fact, i'm looking forward to the break a little bit. The socks i'm knitting are giving me hand cramp (i've decided i really hate that yarn more than ever) so i'll be giving myself a rest.

Get this though, the Wollmeise store, is ONLY 90 minutes drive away from where i'm going. And i will be there on a friday (the store only opens on a Friday and Saturday)... The chances are slim that i'll get there (since i'm supposed to be crossing the border to Alsace in France and back that day) but i'm damn sure going to bust a gut to try. The amount of time it takes to get back to Stuttgart airport from the shop is going to be carefully calculated.

For anyone wondering what the deal is with Wollmeise, this link will show you all the colours. Oh the pretty colours.


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