Tuesday, 29 June 2010


It has been announced. This is where i am camping this weekend.

Kind of like camping in the middle of the Twilight set, no? It's called Hollows Farm in Borrowdale in the lake district. I've only been to the lakes once and we couldn't get out of the tent because it rained for three days straight and we didn't bring waterproofs. If you don't know the lake district, that's like going to the pub and not taking money. It's pretty fun, you can soak up the atmosphere, but pretty soon you're getting really bored and annoyed with all those people who can get involved because they came prepared.

Can't wait to crack out the camera and do some frolicking in nature. Hopefully nature is ready for my frolicking. Frolicking sounds more rude the more i say it. Frolicking.


  1. Have a GREAT trip. Frolick to your heart's content! And take lots of pictures!

  2. I do love the Lake District, have fun and I hope that (by Lake District standards) it doesn't rain too much!

  3. Oh that looks so lovely! I have been in the brown and dry desert so long that water and green colors make me misty-eyed!


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