Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Squish squish

Quick question, how much does it annoy you when your page freezes as you're using your mouse-scroller thingy and then catches up really quickly, so you click on the page to stop it scrolling out of control but end up unwittingly clicking a link instead? A Lot? Me too, glad we cleared that up.

New stuff! Over the past few weeks i feel like i've achieved a lot. I finished some projects at home (including kicking Dead Space's ass into next week) and am ready to move onto something else knitty. I bought new squishies:

And the new squishies are ear-marked to create a lovely shawl (read neckerchief) from the Brandywine pattern sold on Ravelry for Help for Haiti and a lovely hat. Bit weird for summer, i agree but i'm working on the logic that me knitting cold weather items will bring about a sod's law summer of non-stop sunshine and barbeques. My logic cannot be questioned.


  1. Yeah, with you on that one - that's major annoyness. I was typing something on one of my googledocs yesterday and it was consistently 10 characters behind me - that was VERY weird, although it made me free super freaky fast touch-typey.
    Lovely wool! Mmmmmmm. Edible.
    x x x

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with your squishies. Beautiful colors!

    The crocheted sock pattern I've been using is here.


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