Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Knitting Fail :(

Two posts in less than 24 hours? What did you all do to deserve this? Well you can thank my new squishies. I'm feeling the need to vent.

I was so excited yesterday. I had new squishies that i was lovingly patting at my desk all day and dreaming about knitterly things (i have things delivered to work, partly so that the postman doesn't take them back to the sorting office and also because it's an excitable addition to a day otherwise filled with powerpoint presentations and spreadsheets).

When i got home, i was tired, but not too tired to start a knitty project, so i got out my lovely new wool in the beautiful green colourway and started trying to learn to knit in the round using magic loop. Uh Oh. The yarn was all uneven, running thick and thin, worse still it wasn't plyed and was barely twisted in places so was all splitty. Anything i knitted wouldn't rip out because it all stuck to itself. And it wouldn't go over the knuckles of my circular needle. Oh woe was me. This is the last time i'll buy yarn off the internet without checking the comments page on Ravelry for that particular yarn.

I must admit though, it probably wasn't entirely the yarn's fault. My circs aren't great and the cables are too stiff and short for magic loop so i decided to buy some new ones from getknitted.....and ahem boughtsomenewyarn. At least i checked Rav this time though! That makes it ok, right?


  1. Now don't you go smallising the font size and think you can get away with buying new wool!

    I can't believe you didn't take a picture of the carnage. They're the best posts! Please. Dig it out of the bin and photograph it. It can't be any worse than my rice-crispie-cake rubber-glove fiasco. Ooh, I shudder.
    x x x

  2. I want to see the picture, too! And I'm dying to know what the yarn was!

    I've bought quite a bit of yarn on the internet, and the only thing that bites me is that it isn't always the color it appears on the screen. And they say that's the computer's fault...

    Oh, well. I can still make do!


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