Monday, 5 April 2010

Chocolate birds nests for Easter

So, here's my second shot at a birds nest, only this time it's all gone chocolatey. Mmmmmmm.
Chocolate birds nests are such an easy treat to make, so easy i probably don't need to blog about how to do them, but i was pleased with the way i managed to pull some disastrous chocolate melting back from the brink. In this case I'm making them for my nieces instead of Easter eggs. They're a little bit healthier than eating solid chocolate and look cuter too!

First off we have the ingredients. I wanted to keep this on the cheap (cheep) so i bought a 250g bar of value dark chocolate and the same of milk. You can use good quality dark, but to me, they won't taste an huge amount awesomer (word) with finest dark chocolate and you'll be putting other stuff in there too. You'll also need some golden syrup, some margarine or unsalted butter, some cake cases. Of course, you'll need some eggs for the nests too. Mini Eggs, yum!

First thing to do is get your chocolate melted. This is where is all went wrong for me. I tried melting it in the microwave. It all went hard and grainy and didn't melt well at all, so i went back to the traditional way and managed to bring it back from the messy brink.
Put a pan of water to boil and place a large pyrex (or other heatproof glass) over the top of it. Add a good knob of butter and two teaspoons of golden syrup and melt it all over a low heat, taking care to stir it.

Next you need to add cornflakes. I didn't measure this, i just kept adding them until i was satisfied with how well they were coated. I'd guess at about 3 medium cereal bowls full. Keep mixing them in until they're coated. It might take a while. You can also bash some of the larger flakes up to make them a bit easier for little mouths to eat.

Now you need to line a bun tin with plain paper cases. Make it a bit more fun and use colours or foil ones if you like.

Pile the chocolate cornflakes into the cases, leaving a little hollow in the middle. Place three eggs in the centre of each nest. Place them in the fridge to harden up, et voila! Done.


  1. Oh, that looks just too tasty! I wonder if I could try a sugar-free variation!

  2. Never mind sugar-free, bring on the full-on chocolate! They look well nice. I'm in. Send 'em on down x x x


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