Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Near Death and Valentines

This morning i nearly died on the way to work. Ok maybe that's a teeny tiny exageration, but i nearly had a head-on collision with another car on one of the windy little country roads that i drive to work every morning. There has been oodles of snow over the past 6 weeks here in the North East and this morning it began again (noooooooooo). My little micra did a massive skiddy almost into another car so some rally-driver-esque steering and managed to avoid doom.

It made me feel a bit sick and lightheaded and made me glad i'd had trusty muesli for brekkie otherwise i might have passed out from fright. Husb-to-be said i did really well and patted me reassuringly on the arm. I said thanks in a somewhat trembly manner.

Anyway, yesterday i got some parcels in the post. Some new Cascade Pastaza Yarn arrived from Pavi Yarns (registered delivery because the first lot didn't arrive and i annoyed them with emails and phonecalls until they sent me some more out). Pavi is the only place i've found in the UK that sells Cascade yarns for felting. Usually i use Cascade, Eco wool and sometimes Twilley's Freedom Spirit. These are the only felting yarns i have found, if someone knows of other felting yarns, PLEASE let me know.

The other package was THIS! (apologies for the slightly blurry desk photo)

A gorgeous Valentine's card for Husb-to-be from Storeyshop. I love it more than words can express, and it's very apt. I do love him more than etsy, but not much more ;) Check out Helen's etsy shop for a wealth of personalised cards and....SOCK MONKEYS! Yay.

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  1. Oh dear, poor you, that sounds a bit nasty. Blasted snow. It's a pain in the arris is what it is.
    Thank heavens for blood strengthening oats!
    x x x


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