Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wedding craft

As I'm sure i've mentioned over the past 2 months, (or have I?) I'm due to start out my life as a mrs in approximately 6 weeks. Marriage eh? People thought it was all a bit conventional for me, but i'm as excited as can be and i'm SO looking forward to having a lazy spa weekend for the honeymoon.

So i'm knee-deep in organisation for this wedding, and since we decided to do it on a tight budget, i've done most of the "crafty" bits myself.

So, over the next couple of weeks, as i'm getting further into the crafting, i'll be sharing some of the projects that i'm doing to try and make the wedding look super amazing. They're things that can be done on a budget, some using shop bought materials (but with suggestions for where you can use re-purposed materials).

I'll be sharing how i made my:

Buttonholes (Buttonieres)
Bridesmaid Purse Corsages
Table Centre Decorations
Birdcage veil & Hair pins
Ring Cushion

...and probably more that i haven't thought of yet.

Here's a little taster of my prototype efforts at Buttonholes. They haven't ended up like this in reality, but i think they were pretty (but maybe a bit over the top) nontheless.

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  1. They're lovely - love that peacock feather one. I have some fabric with peacock feathers on - it's a bit on the bonkers side but kind of cool!
    You should deffo get some tutorials up here - I think they're what makes the blog world tick - I never got round to doing many!
    x x x
    ps I always just click on the person who left me a comment and go and reply on their blog - that way you get to say thanks, and also they get a comment on their blog. Perfect. Bob's yer unk.


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