Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Comments, yay!

FINALLY i worked out how to get my comments working. I had to do a few google searches before i worked it out, but i seemed like re-setting my widgets (i know, that bit confused me too) was what i needed to do. But yay! Computer Genius that i am, comments are working again.

I used to be so good with computers, but these days things confuse me a bit. Is it a time of life thing? Or just a reluctance to learn yet more about computers after i come home from staring at one for eight hours a day? What the hell is an RSS feed anyway?

So, things are a little bit crazy as per. At the moment i have a Marketing Plan to write for my university course which is due in on the 25th of February. No problem says i. The thing is though, i promised myself i would have it done before Christmas. I am a master procrastinator. So without further ado, i'm off to start (glass of wine in hand, one can't hurt). Good times.


  1. No, comment box still not working.
    Oh, hey, no, yes yes it is!
    Hoorah! Sorry, only being silly.
    Blogger can be a bit temperamental at times, that's for sure. I upset it terribly with my weird fonts the other day.
    Would you like to write my marketing plan for me? Um? Please? Coz I'd like a glass of wine but definitely can't do both. One glass and I'm anybody's. By tomorrow please? Super!!
    x x x

  2. Hah! Now i don't think i can work out a way to actually reply directly to your comment. Sheesh, bring back LiveJournal.

    I don't think that glass of wine was a good idea. I ended up photographing bowls instead of writing my marketing plan. And this morning I stubbed my toe, banged my head and collapsed all the plates in the drainer. Wine makes me clumsy :(


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