Saturday, 24 July 2010

FO: Summer Flies

Here is my beloved new scarf in all its glory. I added tassels as soon as it was dry and blocked, like a kid at christmas. Here is a tiny wee tutorial on how to add an easy fringe or tassels to a project using nothing other than a crochet hook. Click on the picture for each step to enlarge it.

1: Cut your tassels. For my Summer Flies scarf i used one piece of yarn per tassel. Use more depending on the desired thickness of your tassel.

(please ignore my monkey hands. I'm aware of how wrinkly they are. Now let's never speak of this again. Kay? Kay.)

2. I left eyelets in my scarf so i knew my tassels would be evenly spaced, but you can just find a neat little gap between stitches or whatever you like.

3. Insert your crochet hook through the fabric where you want the tassel to be. Divide your tassel equally in half and hook the "closed" end.

4. Pull the hook and tassel through the fabric.

5. Bring the tail end over the hook and draw through the loop

6. Et Voila! Tie the tail end in a knot by looping it around your finger and pulling it through. Tassel, done.


  1. Lovely! I'll bet your followers love that tutorial, too. And looks like you sold another bowl??? You have a white spot on your etsy widget! If it WAS a sale, way cool!

  2. @Snowcatcher
    No sale unfortunatey, just running very low on stock. Too much personal stitching and not enough business stitching!

  3. Beautiful scarf-and I love your photo tutorial too!

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  5. @Breanne Martin
    Thanks Breanne, your nice comment just diffused some of my rage at finding my 4th knot in a 50g ball of Rowan Pure Wool.

    Good on ya! ;) x


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