Thursday, 22 July 2010

Beginning with Lace

When i first got back into knitting, you might be surprised to know that it wasn't because i wasn't seduced by fantastic socks, or scrumptious hats or even the thought of having my very own handknit collection of cardigans.
No. I hankered after lace. Ever the unconventional one, the very first thing i knit when i started again was the checkerboard lace scarf by Whitney Van Nes over at Purl Bee. It's not hugely complicated but it's not what i'd call a beginner pattern either. I jumped straight in, giving no real thought to difficulty and trudged through it.

I'll be honest, i didn't learn much from it. I didn't understand about left and right leaning decreases. All i understood was that a yarn over created a hole.

Since then i joined the Beginning Lace Knitters group over on Ravelry and started understanding the relevance of the stitches i knitted and how they looked in patterns.

Last week i cast on for my first KAL (knit along) with the group and finished Summer Flies on Monday night. Last night i gave it a gentle wash in the machine and it's now wet blocking in the back bedroom.

I'm so pleased with it. I didn't strictly stick to the pattern (but then i rarely do, like i said, unconventional). I didn't do the ruffle edge or the picot bind-off and i intend to add fringe. Afterall, what is a neckerchief without fringe?

So there's my guilty lace secret, laid out on the table. What was it that seduced you into the dark needle arts?


  1. It turned out so wonderful! I can't wait to see more detail (hint, hint, hint!).

    I was extremely attracted to lace in the beginning, too, only via crochet. When I was a teenager, I accidentally taught myself to knit as I was working through a stitch book and suddenly needed two hooks for a stitch called "casting on" Once I realized what had happened, boy, it sure was easier on pointy needles!

  2. @Snowcatcher
    Ha! I can't imagine trying to knit with two crochet hooks, i bet that was so hard!

    More pictures coming tomorrow when the scarf is all tasselled :)

  3. My mum made actual lace - ooooh, you'd like that. The bobbins the thread hangs from were really beautiful - you weight them with beads, so as you can imagine, sod the lace; just choosing the beads to hang from the bobbins was fun! I must try and find you a picture.
    x x x

  4. @Catherine
    Whoa, that's proper bobbin lace! It looks so intricate. I have an old readers digest encyclopedia of needlecraft and bobbin lace is in there. Maybe one day, when i've exhausted my penchant for knitting...


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