Sunday, 30 May 2010

Moose, loose, aboot this hoose.

Last week i was in Sweden all week, so it's been slow on this little old blog of mine. I had no internet access and was working 12 hours a day. Doing what? Well this was for my day job, introducing new products (lawnmowers) to our sales people and dealers/distributers. Unfortunately i didn't see so much of Sweden. I got off the plane at Landvetter airport in Gothenburg and drove directly to the hotel which none of us left for 5 days. I got to see a whole lot of golf course (it was a golfing hotel) and a whole lot of trees (it was in a forest) and not much else. Except moose. I saw two moose. If you've never seen a moose, let me tell you, they are enormous. It's strange for us Brits to go anywhere were there is wildlife bigger than a fox, because we just don't have anything like that. Just about the biggest animals we have are cows, but they don't count. They just stand in fields and chew. You can see them everywhere. They're not all wild and rare. I once went round the wildlife museum in Banff, Canada and saw a stuffed grizzly bear and just had such a hard time imagining that something that big could be wandering around wild.

Some of the Swedish guys were telling me about the amount of car accidents that are caused every year by moose getting free onto the highway and smashing through the windscreen of speeding cars. I can't even imagine.

So, have i done any knitting? No. But, i can tell you that i am approximately 70% through my first pair of socks. more on them very soon! Exciting times!


  1. How do you make a chocolate moose? Um, you, sorry - I thought there was a joke there somewhere like how do you make a Swiss Roll or an Apple Turnover.
    How exciting, seeing a moose.
    Did you hyperventilate ever so slightly?
    x x x

  2. Moose are cute! I'm Canadian, eh. So I've seen me a moose. Once. From a distance, across a river.

  3. I only saw it from a distance too. I wonder if the canadian moose is much different from the european moose.


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