Monday, 31 May 2010

Diamond Lace Anklet Socks - Hurrah!

Today i finally finished my first ever pair of "serious" socks. By that i mean socks that i actually want to try and wear. I used Charisa's Lifestyle Toe up Sock Formula which i found on good old Rav.

I have included some of the instructions (these are loose instructions based on my foot measurements) on my project page over at ravelry which can be found here. I'm fairly proud but there are already changes i would make. The diamond pattern still stretches a bit too much over the top of my foot despite the mini gusset increases i did. I really dislike the ribbed cuff. I wish i'd done a garter cuff or a k1p1 cuff. The yarn is too boring. Boring cream. I don't like the square toe. I just feel a bit blah about them. It's nothing to do with the pattern, Charisa's pattern is great but i think i just need to try something a bit more exciting with some more exciting yarn.

Knitters withdrawal has already set in. I'm already looking around for my next project. I can't decide what it should be. Something summery, for me. The wishlist of knitted gifts for family and friends is already growing!


  1. Oooh they are lovely. My mum knitted me and my sister (size 35 feet) a pair of socks for Chrimblish, and then proceeded to knit a pair for my sister-in-law, who is a different tribe, of tall people, with like size 9s or summink. She said they took literally twice as long! Ooh it's a crazy world, the world of sock knitting. I say go bonkers and get some daft coloured wool next
    x x x

  2. I have a difficult time making something large with the same yarn (or one color) for the very same reason, but I think these socks are gorgeous!


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