Friday, 5 March 2010

Wedding Calla Table Centre Wreaths

It's taken me so long to finally get round to making the table centres for the wedding. Considering that the wedding is A WEEK TODAY and i have only completed one so far, i'm getting scared.

At least the prototype is done and i'm set to make the rest now! I'm going to try and post a tutorial of this while i'm making the rest tomorrow. I'm so pleased with them considering they're supposed to be a cheap alternative to actual flowers.

The wreaths were about £2.50 from Hobby Craft discontinued christmas stock and the flowers are made from small squares of felt with rolled felt for the stamen. Bits of ivy, the same feathers that is used in my buttonholes and onion grass just finished it off. After making 50 of the felt callas, i am totally sick of looking at my glue gun.

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  1. Oh well they look beautiful Liz! I'm definitely going to be gate-crashing to nick a couple of them. You won't mind, I'll just pop in and swipe one during the Best Man's speech. No? Ok, I'll wait till the evening do. In fact, can you just send me them all the next day? You won't have anything else to do!
    x x x


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