Sunday, 1 November 2009

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Around about a month ago, i had some teeth out. Not just any old teeth though, i had my wisdom teeth out.

These days, if you're going to have wisdom teeth out, the dentist will send you to the oral department in the hospital and they give you the choice of being sedated or just going through with it under a local anaesthetic. I was reliably informed that if i went for the sedation i would remember very little and that sounded good to me!

After the whole nasty experience was over, i had to be nursed by my lovely man, who told me to put my teeth under my pillow to see what the tooth fairy might bring (i was camped on the sofa with duvet and all the pillows i could find by this point, feeling very sorry for myself).

I got my teeth in this cute little envelope (trust me, you do not want to see the gory teeth, ew ew ew).

So i pretty much passed out for the afternoon and when i woke up, the tooth fairy had brought me....... an ipod touch!

I was so excited. We don't live extravagently by any means so this was a big investment, one i couldn't afford to scratch or break, so i immediately set to work making a little sleeping bag for my new toy!

If you like the look of this and fancy buying one for yourself or maybe want to make one for yourself, a PDF pattern and also the finished article will soon be available on my etsy shop at

L x


  1. What a cute cosy. Only problem is that I don't have an ipod. Or even a cell phone (yes, I do believe I am the last person on the planet to still not have a cell phone - even my nan has one...)

  2. PS. It's been years now since I was told that I should have my wisdom teeth out. I don't think that anyone around here would nurse me, though...


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