Saturday, 24 October 2009


I guess i don't really need to state the obvious. This is the first post of a very much WIP blog.

Back when i was about nine, i first learned to knit and embroider. I mostly just made baby booties to go with the cardigans that my mam used to make for any new arrivals in the family and embroider lazy daisies on to napkins for my nanna. Everyone has to start somewhere though. I've always been creative and returned (almost 18 years later) to knitting and working with wool after realising i very much needed to go back to making and doing and creating.

So, after gaining inspiration from other blogs such as and i decided to start this blog to track the progress of my self-taught crochet and return to knitting which has been such a journey already!

I'm looking forward to sharing my progress with anyone who may stumble along here, you're all very welcome!

Lizzie x

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