Monday, 23 November 2009

Huge Felted Bowl

Remember the massive felted bowl i was on about in this post?

Well i finally finished it on Sunday and got it listed and sent to it's prospective new owner. I wasn't sure whether she would go for it, as it shrank way more than i expected. I'd made it over-sized by 2 inches in every direction, but the bottom shrank more than the sides and i ended up with something i wasn't sure whether i liked proportionately. I thought maybe the sides were too high and the diameter was too small.

Anyway, thankfully my etsy buyer liked it and agreed to buy it. I am so proud of my first sale but i think i need to be more accurate in pricing my work for sure. I only just covered materials with this sale and after a week of relentless crochet, that seems a shame.

I'm so proud of how it turned out i think i am going to make more...

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