Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mahooooosive Bowl

I've listed a few felted bowls in the past couple of days on my etsy shop and after i listed a lovely sage green bowl, i got my first convo enquiring about a custom item. I was over the moon.

There is a slight problem though. the custom order in question is for a 13 INCH felted bowl. Bearing in mind i haven't made one larger than a 6 inch diameter yet, this is no mean feat. I'm about half way through. I put the fruit bowl full of tiny satsumas and a 12" metal ruler in the picture so hopefully it shows some kind of scale.

This thing is massive so far as i'm allowing for shrinkage. I'm not even sure it'll work (which i've already mentioned to the prospective seller). I've got a can of spray starch handy for stiffening even more should it need it. God knows how i'm going to block this thing.

Anyway, i'm not pinning hopes on it working, or even managing to sell it afterwards, but it's a cool experiment! Hopefully i'll have it finished for the weekend.

Other things in the pipeline - napkin rings and festive ornaments. Yep, it's that time of year!

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