Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The time, it's going...going....


Life always seems to end up a bit like this. It seems not long ago since I was here, writing away, worried that it might still be a bit early to start writing about Christmas, what with it still being 10 and a half weeks away.

So here we are, now only 2 and a half weeks until Christmas and where has the time gone? I have no idea. It has disappeared, like a dropped stitch. You can’t catch it. It laughs in the face of you trying to catch it.

This time disappearance has had something to do with the amount of time I have spent on Christmas gift shopping and minor domestic disasters such as the car breaking down and the mister getting a piece of rusting metal in his eye resulting in a trip to the eye infirmary. Clearly I cannot refuse his request of a lift to the hospital in favour of knitting can I? The non-knitterly reader might argue that there really shouldn’t be a question mark on the end of that sentence.

So where am I with my Christmas knitting list

Mammy: Raspberry Dreams Stole
This didn’t happen. Raspberry dreams caused me such a headache that I frogged it and started Leaves and Arrows instead, a gorgeous Estonian inspired design. This is finished and there are pictures to come.

Mammy-in-Law: French Press Slippers
Not started. Oops.

Nanna: Basic Cardigan – Finished! I am not bowled over with it as a FO. It’s too plain and the pattern was a royal pain (knitted flat and then seamed), but it will fit and will be warm, achieving everything I wanted from it.

Step-Daddy-in-Law: Sexy Hoes (Toirneach Kilt Hose) - done!

Sis: Heart Scarf and Hat Set
The plan for this has changed. I’m now making Incognito and a hat in a matching colour with detachable moustache. The gorgeous King Cole Merino Blend (aran weight) I’m planning to knit it in arrived today from Modern knitting. I’m more than happy with the squishiness and shall be starting tonight.

Sis-in-Law: Spiral Cowl

Boss: Owlets – this may or may not happen…. Depends on time/materials

Also I have an extremely ambitious list of Christmas crafts to wade through, starting with cute little felt gingerbreads. I’ve almost perfected my method, so expect a tutorial soon.

Barring another trip to eye casualty tonight, I hope to be able to say that I’m halfway through at least one more of the projects above. Maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath.

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  1. That's a lot of knitting to fit in, I can't believe how close Christmas is and am panicking over my measly two knitted gifts!! Good luck getting yours done.
    Laura x


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