Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Humans are Dead


I'm back from holidaying in the exotic lake district. I feel like a bad blogger, like i should have blogged as soon as we got back this weekend, but i needed to settle back into the boredom of being at home and "the gotta" for sharing.

We spent a lot of the last week doing various walks along craggy hillsides and mountains. It's not really necessary to share all my holiday snaps since most of them are of me doing this face:

at the top of a lot of different mountains and hills. The bad news is that the wind changed at the top of Cat Bells and now i'm stuck this way. My boss is not pleased. He has to look at this every day. Hubster says it's an improvement.

Because of the improvement i made to my countenance whilst walking the fells, i received a lot of presents from dearest hubster. I didn't get him anything (bad wife) but i bought us a new tent so that we won't be cold and wet next time we camp in the lakes. I think that's priceless really. Our current tent leaks.

My Hubster knows me better than anyone. He knows all about my quirky taste. Hence i ended up with three of the things that would please me better than anything else on earth.

A pet Ninja and a pet Samurai. Almost any japanese style gift is always a winner.

Tattoo themed journal/notebook. Tattoo themes are also a winner. I have a japanese leg sleeve tattoo with rats on it. That's three of my very favourite things combined (tattoos, japan, rats). Can you guess how much i love my own leg? An unhealthy amount. I would probably lick it if i was bendy enough.

Novelty crochet book of AMIGURUMI ROBOTS. Japan and robots! I am one of those people who makes true knitters uncomfortable. One of those crochet-knit hybrids. More on these delightful crobots soon.

I can't wait to crochet one of these little suckers. I've been working far too hard on "serious" projects these past few weeks. On that bombshell, it's time for me to go and steam my face straight. Good day!


  1. If you were bendy enough... I cracked up so loud, my co-workers wanted to know what was so funny!

    I hope you share pictures of your crobots. I'll bet you come up with some great variations!

  2. I really wish I could crochet, I want a crobot! They're adorable.

    A non-leaking tent is always a good investment, I'm sure it is appreciated.

  3. @Snowcatcher

    Ha! I hope you didn't tell them, otherwise i shall be known in Colarado as "That freaky brit who wishes she could lick her shins."

  4. @Northern Monkey
    It will be appreciated, he's the one who has to sleep on the leaky side ;)


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