Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What's on the needles this week... (and a Drops Delight yarn review)

I started another pair of socks this week. This time i am knitting hedgerow socks, simply because i liked the look of the rib and i wanted to try:

a) a different method of sock - this time cuff down rather than toe up
b) a different method of heel - let's get crazy with the heel flap
c) a new toe. A round toe. Oh my.

Is it going well? So glad you asked. From a pattern point of view it's a simple, lovely pattern that has been going smoothly and fairly quickly. I'm not a super fast knitter i have to admit. I started them on the 2nd and it's now the 8th. Having said that i haven't knitted every evening, although sunday was almost a full day. I could probably finish my first one tonight but i don't feel like knitting (GASP).

What's the problem?

The frickin yarn. Oh god it's horrid stuff. Garn Studios Drops Delight. There are some pros, but the cons far outweigh them.

The pros:

Seriously, the colourways for this stuff looked unbelievably gorgeous on the website (i know, i know, get what you ask for when you can't pick up and squish the balls). I am loving on the blue at the moment, big time.

It was cheap as chips, about £2.25 a ball.

It's superwash so i can stick the finished article in the washing machine allegedly (the jury is out on this one pending proof that they won't felt - see below)

The cons:

This yarn is seriously hairy and therefore sticky, meaning that tinking is an exercise in patience and frogging would be nigh on impossible. I have no confidence that it will not felt because of this hairy stickiness. If it's sticking to itself without the aid of hot water and soap, God help me.

The green colourway i purchased is running all thick and slubby for long runs followed by tiny skinny over twisted sections that threaten to snap if you look at them wrong. The blue isn't as bad, but still variable.

The stitch definition is RRRRUUUUUBBBISH. Seriously, don't even think about using this yarn if you have a pretty pattern. You won't see it.

It has no give, therefore hurty on the fingers.

It's not the softest which is ok for my socks, i don't mind a scratchy pair of socks at all. I wouldn't use it for a scarf though. No no no.

I've heard this yarn proclaimed as a cheap Noro (i have no experience of Noro, nor do i want to if it's more expensive than this and behaves similarly). So if you like Noro Kureyon, give it a try, it might well be worth the investment of £2.50 just to try it.

(I messed about with the colours in photoshop so my socks actually look like the yarn they're knitted from, yay!)


  1. Wow. I was going to say how beautiful the started sock is, but after the review, you have me frowning! No sock should be such a pain!!!

    I use Noro a lot, when I can get it ridiculously cheap, and I love it. But I've had yarns that have given me fits, and I won't use them again. So I could really feel for you as I read this.

  2. @Snowcatcher

    If you love Noro you should definitely try this yarn out just to see what you think because it's so cheap. It's definitely not for me though!

    (Can you let me know if you get an email notification that i replied to your comment? I just added some html to my blog that lets me reply to comments but I'm not sure whether it sends an email response to the original commenter.)


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