Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Squish

Ugh i'm so excited i feel sick. Is it unnatural to feel this elated about buying yarn?

I have just bought some sock yarn from Violet Green. Sock yarn i have been eyeing up for a loooonnnnggg time. You see this is what you do when you don't have a lot of money. You fantasise about buying something for quite a while in order to make the purchase feel bigger and more significant. If you do it right, sometimes you can even make yourself foam at the mouth (there's an attractive thought).
Every time i visited the website i saw the sock yarn slowly disappearing and rather than take the risk that the skeins i wanted might disappear, i decided to just jump in and do it since I still had some birthday money left over.

I have bought two skeins of beautiful hand-dyed yarn:

Satyr (image copyright Violet Green)

Kingfisher (image copyright Violet Green)

Anyone who has seen the wedding photos will know that the blue of the Kingfisher skeins matches the blue of my wedding colours perfectly, so this way i will have a little reminder of my big day in the form of a hat, or a neckerchief, or a pair of socks, whatever fits best.

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