Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's not too late!

It's definitely time for the Christmas decorations. I put our artificial Christmas Tree up the last Friday and realised it wasn't in great shape. It's taken on a weird drunken lean and it looks patchy, like there are holes in the foliage, so i think we need a real one this year.

It feels like it's almost getting a bit too close to Christmas to be fussing around with extra last minute decorations doesn't it? Well, i need a little bit of an extra shove to get into the Christmas spirit this year so i'm going to spend the next three or four days making some handmade decorations that might make me feel a bit more festive.

Wanna know what i'm planning? Well it's a big bloody secret so you'd better pop back tomorrow and see what i've made (and hopefully pictures of a nice REAL Christmas tree with lots of lovely twinkly lights).

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