Sunday, 20 December 2009

It's not too late for Christmas Decorations Part 2 - Paper Chains

I do believe i promised a little tutorial on paper chains today. Paper chains are not hard, not hard at all. In fact i'm willing to bet you probably already know how to make them, but this is my little twist. They're so often overlooked as a decoration, but anyone who's seen Elf will know that if you use enough of them, they look great!

You'll need:
A hole punch with a funky design (i used snowflakes in this tutorial, but i had good results using a little heart punch. You could even use a standard punch to punch in various places along your strip of paper)
Plain white paper or any colour combination of your choosing
Double sided tape or an adhesive mouse
A rotary cutter or scissors

1. Cut some strip of paper approximately 1" (2.5cm) thick using your rotary cutter or scissors. If using scissors it will probably be helpful to mark your lines out using pencil. There's no need to cut in any weird way, A4 paper is the perfect width.

2. Next punch some funky holes all along the length of half of your strips.

3. Apply a small piece of double sided tape or use your adhesive mouse to apply gum to the edge of the paper.

4. Bend the paper round and join end to end to form your first link of the chain.

5. Take a plain strip and repeat step 3. Insert the strip through the first loop before joining ends. Your second link is done!

6. repeat until your desired chain length is reached.

If you're keen on upcycling, why not try using cut up newspaper, painted with poster or acrylic paint, or even use old wrapping paper or craft paper. Don't have a stamp and don't want to invest in one? Hand draw some snowflakes in gold or silver gel pen. Remember, any cut outs from your stamp can be used as confetti inside your wrapped up presents.

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