Thursday, 28 July 2011

Holiday Plan 2011


My “holiday” is swiftly approaching. Tomorrow afternoon at approximately 1.30pm i will begin an entire, luxurious 1 week (or 9 days including both weekends) off work.

I’m having a short holiday this year. Usually it would be 2 weeks in Summer, (which ain’t got nothing on the 4 weeks my Swedish colleagues take) but owing to the fact that i want to save my paid leave to tag on to the beginning of maternity leave i chose to shorten it.

So here’s the super-human effort of a list that i want to somehow try and achieve in this time period.

  • Day out at Newby Hall admiring the stately home, gardens and exhibitions
  • Day out in Scarborough (where husband and i met) or Whitby for fish and chips and an ice cream
  • Check out Saltburn auctions and/or car boot sales for furniture that can be repurposed into nursery furniture
  • Paint the Peanut’s room and get it all tidy and clean and looking like it might be ready for moving furniture into
  • Sort out the rest of the unpacking and make everything look “homely”
  • Sow herb seeds in planters outside before it gets too cold.
  • Find some winter biennials to plant out
  • Try and finish sorting the garden
  • Swatch for a new secret project
  • Bake lots and stock up the new freezer

I concoct a list every single year at both Summer and Christmas. I’ll admit, the list above is forbiddingly and ridiculously long for such a short amount of time off. It’s really just a list of the things i would like to get done, or at the very least the ways i would enjoy to spend my time off.

Of course, with our tremendous British weather, you know, the type that makes a dip in the North Sea look warm and dry, there may be a week of duvet days, movies and knitting.

In fact, sod the list, bring on the rain!

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