Monday, 25 October 2010

Raspberry Rip-ple.

Last night I had an accident with my Raspberry Dreams Stole (rav link).

I don’t know how it happened, I really don’t. I am completely stunned. I had to rip back all of this gorgeous panel (and more considering it's 3 repeats wide and i was at least another inch higher above that lifeline you can see)…right to the very beginning.

I made the fatal mistake of not moving my lifeline up with me and when tinking a s2kp went badly wrong and left me with unravelled stitches, I ripped back to the lifeline, only to find that I could not make head nor tail of where I was in the pattern, no matter how hard I tried. I had the feeling this was not going to be rectified even if I left it overnight to give me some thinking space….that pattern is just too bloody complex. If you lose it, you lose it. There are many people remarking in this months KAL, that they are not finding this stole relaxing and it is a difficult knit, probably due to the chart not being easily memorised with lots of little niggly bits such as K7togs.

So. I am back to the start again.

My Christmas knitting is now officially killing me dead inside.

Nanna's cardigan has been an ordeal as well. But it is almost finished and there are pictures of that to come.

I have decided that i shall recover by knitting handwarmers, oh yes I shall.


  1. Good recovery project, but holy cow. This leaves a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach! It will be beautiful when you get back to it, though!

  2. Oh, what can I say but, that sucks! I just did something about the same. I thought, "I've got this down pat!". Yeah, famous last works, no lifeline, head hung in shame.


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